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We develop Social Media strategies for you to build a Social Media Community around your business.


I think it’s safe to say, that every business today ‘is expected’ to have a Website, A Facebook Page, and a Twitter account to follow. I think it’s awesome, as a business now you interact with your customers around the globe.  Let’s see where Social Media is used today in business.

  1. Support
    • Out of personal experience, I know the powerful effect of Social Media when you need support.  More then once, I got frustrated with a business, because I sent emails with questions that were important to me, but after 2-3 tries of no response, I was ready to give up. Then I got the Facebook idea and BINGO! Somebody there was answering questions asked about their products…etc. You actually could ‘chat’ with a real person in your familar enviroment (where you chat with your friends). More, you could become “like” the business and let your friends know why. Worth of mouth recommodation, it doesn’t get better than that!
  2. Test Global or local markets
    Via Facebook you can easy create campaigns or single ads optimized for a very specific group(defined by age, gender, education, interests, behaviours, and more) in a specific city in a specific country for example.  Perfect for A/ B testing!

These tested and known to work options, so many more are available and new options are continously added.  For example you can add products know to your Facebook business site. Create special offers, and create Facebook shop. Then post it in your businesss timeling and have your customers (that ‘liked’ your page) share your special offer with their friends… the opportunities are endless.

To get started building your online community around your business check out our Social Media Packages.

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